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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thursday the 12th, Friday the 13th

curse duracell for making their products so expensive because i would have some tight footage from this weekend.

-Thursday the 12th | Gehenna & The Farley Overdose @ The Hideout.
first off, Gehenna never fails to make me want to punch my own grandmother in the nose. our good friend Morgan from Violent Ruler recently started playing bass for Gehenna and totally killed it, along with everyone else of course. it's goes without even mentioning but we all played torn up, fucked up gear and somehow managed to sound heavier than a barren full of steel dicks. the p.a. didn't even work but you could still hear the lyrics.

fucking ass, thanks to the Hideout for the free drinks.

-Friday the 13th | Free Show @ The Hell House
i posted to line-up earlier, a drastic mix of genres and people as a whole, and i don't have anything bad to say about it. i showed up late due to work so i missed our good friends new band Snake Piss, which i heard fucking ruled so look out for wicked snake riffs. i also missed Lay Waste The Facade, a local metalcore act full of young ass kids that seriously rip on guitar, one of which taught Jake how to sweep on bass haha. Ghostbear, a new pop-punk/rock band of close friends from the area, pretty much blew my mind, most solid set in a basement i've seen in a while.

we played sometime around 10, after Ghostbear. we slopped together a totally random set-list and took forever to set up. apparently mixing tussin, beer and weed makes you move like a Sloth. somehow we ripped through our set mistake free, the p.a. actually worked and aside from kids ripping out the power cords a few times(creating a weird drum solo with alot of chanting over it) the show was fully intense. thanks to everyone that came out and went nuts during our set, there was a fuck load of you.

to top the whole show we had our friends The Airplane Game play an extremely solid set. that was the first time i had heard them outside of a big venue and it sounded rad in a basement. aside from the fight our peaceful companion Austin got himself into with a local wild child, everything ruled.

quote of the night: "moshing was had"